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Just over an old wooden covered bridge in Catskill Mountains of New York Cecily Rush & Co fashion wonderful custom party pieces. A working artist for many years, Cecily crafts whimsical and fairy tale-like hats, crowns, favors, table pieces, gifts and decorations for festive occasions. For almost any occasion – birthdays, weddings or simply to celebrate those you love, these delicate follies can be simple or extravagant or even decadent and each is custom-made to your particular requirements. Everything is hand-crafted of the best materials, sometimes including vintage lace or classic mercury glass beads, and each piece is a unique work of art. Many long-time clients and their guests treasure this work long after an event and collect and display it in their homes.

An accomplished sculptor and painter, Cecily is a graduate of the Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture, an innovative California art school patterned after the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College, organized by artists for artists. She has shown widely and in New York City she was represented by the legendary art dealer Holly Solomon. Cecily’s best-known work is a series of sculptures inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tales. In recent years she has had work commissioned for the renowned party planner Colin Cowie as well as  working on many of his  elaborate events including a royal wedding in the Middle East.